Week 1. Stranger in Vancouver

Week 1. Stranger in Vancouver

It has been more than
four years since I lived
as a stranger in this city,
full of foreigners.

I have lived as a local in hometown of Korea for more than 20 years, but on the day I turned 20, I came to Canada to give a turning point in my life.

Learning Canada’s multiculturalism and my dream is to become a branding planner or promotion planner. To this end, I am going to the Department of Communication and I would like to develop the sense of working-level officials through Publishing minor.

This blog was created as part of the PUB101 course, and I would like to write about what I experience as an international student. I have so many things to tell, like countermeasures against accidents that occurred here alone without a family, recommended hometown restaurants, and apps that can help with life in Canada.

I want to be of help to many international students in Vancouver by sharing my experiences!


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