Week 10. All about Vogue, my favorite magazine

Week 10. All about Vogue, my favorite magazine

Most people say that real books are on the decline. Nevertheless, the reason why I learn publishing comes from the diversity that magazines give. Vogue, one of my favorite magazines, is a magazine that I regularly subscribe to to to read trends even though I am not very interested in fashion. Today, I would like to explain that this post is not simply a photo book full of advertisements.

The word Vogue means “style” in French. In December 2006, book critic Caroline Weber described it as the “world’s most influential fashion magazine.” Vogue is a fashion magazine that can be comfortably accessed by the public as well as fashion experts, has a long history and is highly recognized. From April 2019 to March 2020, Vogue magazine (in print and online) reached nearly 2.7 million people in the United Kingdom, including nearly two million women. Vogue Magazine has a significant influence and impact on fashion beyond simply introducing fashion trends or showing the latest high-end fashion advertisements. “Vogue” symbolizes the fashion itself. <Vogue> is also referred to as a “fashion bible” because trend-sensitive readers provide a list of what will happen or wish lists in next season’s fashion. It is great that the content from the brand “Vogue” had enough influence to control the fashion industry. It is possible for <Vogue> to build such a brand because there was a marketing strategy based on constant effort, passion, and creativity.

Looking at the cover of <Vogue>, it can be seen that it reflects the current media and design trends well. <Vogue> seems to understand what to sell and how to sell best. If you look at the history of changes on the cover of “Vogue”, you can see photos that reflect the best high-end fashion trends from detailed artistic images. By providing readers with artists, trends, and high-end cultures that can represent the best high-end fashion of the time, Vogue shows that it is the leader in high-end fashion in name and reality. For readers to trust <Vogue>, the contents of sponsors and promotions must also feel related to the overall visual image of <Vogue>. In a similar context, to most efficiently build content in digital media, video content, a means that can most effectively affect readers of <Vogue>, which is sensitive to visual images, is also actively used. The digital team of <Vogue> is playing the same role as a creative agency as a branding strategy that focuses on content development using the advancement of visual images. In addition, “Vogue” is a renowned fashion magazine in the fashion world, focusing on creating the best content by fully utilizing the network with the world’s fashion artists (photographers, models, art directors, etc.). <Vogue> seems to cite Instagram as the most effective and efficient medium among various social media platforms in raising brand awareness.  They have 2.1 million followers post 1,026 posts and are very active. However, they receive nearly 10,000 “likes” without any hashtags due to their public symbol of the trend itself.  <Vogue> has been building aggressive marketing strategies through new media and means without missing the trend of digital media development. In addition, the print version of the magazine, a classic version that symbolizes the best composition and editing power, has not been neglected, and through constant change and evolution, it has continued its reputation as a “fashion textbook.”

Fashion magazine covers have a huge impact on sales for the month. If you go to a bookstore, you can’t read all the magazines and you have to judge only by the cover and gift to see if they are worth buying. Therefore, in the case of Korea, where I frequently encountered Vogue, they presented more colourful covers and fruitful gifts during economically unstable times. Considering that magazines are essentially advertising books, I think magazines should accurately predict consumer sentiment and economic conditions. Therefore, the cover of a fashion magazine can be seen as one of the most accurate symbols reflecting the economic situation, and due to the recent coronavirus, Vogue has been using a more colourful cover. One of Vogue’s oldest hook-up methods is to frequently present gifts that are more expensive than magazine prices, attracting young adult women. Vogue is already welcome to collaborate with various brands such as Cosmetics and Living, which have a price range because it has a large ripple effect on the brand itself. These Vogue covers are decorated by the hottest of the time and registered on the cover of Vogue is the dream of all celebrities. As such, they actively collaborate with companies and models, which often leads to fandom purchases. This is a relatively small means of income caused by the growing fandom culture, but it will be more effective than presenting an appendix to a magazine. In the case of Korean Vogue, an event was also held to collaborate with messenger apps such as WhatsApp in North America called Kakao Talk to conduct photo shoots for the general public. As such, Vogue is no longer only complacent to fashion people but is also expanding its scope to the public.


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