Week 5. The best Sushi restaurant in Vancouver

Week 5. The best Sushi restaurant in Vancouver

Sushi Mura

Sushi Mura offers delicious dining and takeout to Vancouver, BC. Sushi Mura is a cornerstone in the Vancouver community and has been recognized for its outstanding Japanese cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.

Vancouver has a high percentage of sushi consumption, with sushi consumption ranking No. 1 among places other than Japan. Therefore, there are so many sushi restaurants, but the difference between them and other restaurants is that they pay a lot of attention to social media. The photos above in this paragraph is their Pinterest account. I was pretty surprised that they have an account for Pinterest.

They also have an Instagram account and their contents are pretty interesting too. Especially I love their Reels on every Friday since I can watch the recipes of rolls.

They are offering a better taste at a reasonable price. Of course I can’t tell they use ingredients as expensive as any fancy restaurant, but it feels fresher than other places in a similar price range. There are two branches, and Richmond will open soon, so make sure to go!

📍6485 Oak St, Vancouver
📍3545 Sawmill Crescent, Vancouve

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