Week 2. Free grocery delivery site

Week 2. Free grocery delivery site

When I came back to Canada last year, self-quarantine was mandatory for the 14 days and I’ll tell you the site that was really helpful on that time. It’s a very useful site for students who live alone or don’t have cars, as well as self-quarantine!


In fact, this is a Korean mart located in Langley. They mainly sell Korean groceries, but they also handle other groceries like general grocery stores, and they also wrote explanations in English. Most of their customers are Koreans, but when I introduced the site to other Asian friends, they said they could order it without any problems.

In principle, they ship the day after the order is placed, and if the order amount is more than $40 they deliver anywhere in Vancouver, and if it is less than $40, they have to pay a shipping fee of $5. The delivery will take place from Monday to Saturday, and you will be contacted by text before delivery.

Many apps such as Insta Cart have been released these days, but I don’t want to download the app, and I think it’s convenient in that I can contact the mart directly when there’s a problem, and I think no shipping fee is the biggest advantage. They offer discounts every Thursday-Sunday, so keep an eye on them!

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