Week 4. How much is appropriate for my hourly wage? (Wage tax calculator site)

Week 4. How much is appropriate for my hourly wage? (Wage tax calculator site)

I’ve only been concerned about the hourly wage I’m going to get. Recently, however, when I talked to my senior friend, I realized that in a place with a lot of taxes like Vancouver, the hourly wage I would receive was only a dream. Of course, in the case of international students like me, I pay less taxes because the tuition I am paying is greater than the income I will earn, that is, because the expenditure is greater than the income. Nevertheless, the hourly wage we see will not be the money coming into your bank account.

The website offers three services: tax calculation, search salary, and job search. What I usually see is the easy-to-use ui/ux for search salary and tax calculations. I really hate complicated things, so I prefer this neat design.

First, if you press the search salary calculation, you will get the average annual salary of the job you want to do.

Next, if you click on the tax calculation, you don’t have to think too hard about this. If you press the salary ratio, you can select an hourly wage, a daily wage, weekly salary, a two-week salary, a monthly salary, and an annual salary. You can see the value when you put in the most common $18-20 range while applying for an intern.

Of course, if you are a student, especially an international student, you will receive more than this. However, since this website was created on a general Canadian basis, it would be an accurate figure if you wanted to become a permanent resident or work on an equal basis in the future.

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