Week 2. What I learned in Publishing Minor

Week 2. What I learned in Publishing Minor

It was only after I came to Canada and entered SFU, or took a few publishing courses, that I got the idea of what this minor was doing. There is no such department in Korea where I was born. Maybe Korean literature or literature and information? I wonder if it has a similar curriculum. But as I know, those Korean majors are don’t learn design elements like our school does.

“This minor has an applied orientation and it is targeted at students with declared majors in other subjects, especially English, interactive arts, and communication. The program focuses on foundational skills, understanding, and appreciation of the various components of publishing of books, magazines, and journals, in print and in the online environment. Courses encompass writing, editing, design, technology, policy, copyright, marketing, management, and publishing as an integration within a framework of cultural production and the dynamics of the creative sector of the economy. Completion of this minor is an asset for students who wish to acquire skills to work in publishing or related industries or are intending to undertake a master of publishing degree. Admission is subject to enrollment limitations.”

Here are the examples that I made through few publishing courses.

Magazine Designs

Brochure Designs

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