Week 9. Students can also invest in stocks: stock apps WealthSimple

Week 9. Students can also invest in stocks: stock apps WealthSimple

Today, I will introduce the stock app that I use very well. During my international student life, I always took pocket money from my family, and last year I started saving money by conducting my first full-time co op job.

I have a dog and I live alone, so I have a lot of extra money to spend, so I was thinking about how to save more money, and I found out that it was TFSA. This stands for tax free saving account, and the revenue generated from this account is tax-free. Each person has a different room for TFSA, so I recommend you look for your room (limit of your TFSA)!

I didn’t know anything about stocks and didn’t think I could invest as a student. However, I downloaded several apps because I thought I would lose money if I didn’t do all the stocks that others do, and I’m using this one with the easiest ux/ui.

Currently, I quit my job and concentrate on my studies, so my savings are small, but I am constantly paying close attention with this profit. At first, I didn’t know how to use it, so I used to measure the price roughly and buy it, but after a few months, I realized it was very silly.

In this application, there is an automatic payment method that partial purchases or setting the amount you want to buy . The latter case is the method I use the most.

I don’t study much stocks, so my profits are really small and I can’t give you economic advice. But I chose this method because long-term investments and blue-chip stocks like Apple are more than bank interest.

I’m not advertising this application, I’m just writing a review of what I used. You and I will get free stock benefits by accessing the link below, so please check it out!
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