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  • Week 11. Peer Review 3

    Week 11. Peer Review 3

    My peer I’m going to review today is Aliya Hussain, the publisher of “Archived By: Khrshd“. The blog topic is fashion and I was worried that it could be a rather difficult topic for me, who is not very interested in clothes other than my favorite outfit style which is just dress. Nevertheless, she organized […]

  • Week7. Peer Review 2

    Week7. Peer Review 2

    theme The theme of Taeri’s blog is a movie review by an amateur movie critic.  To try to get the right approach to the blog, I looked around ABOUT section, and there was a theme about the blog and a character believed to have been drawn by herself. I thought it was cute that the […]

  • Week 4. Peer Review 1

    Week 4. Peer Review 1

    My Peer Paige, her blog Popcorn with Paige ( is about movies, and her tagline “hot take: when you can’t stop talking about a movie, it’s gotta be kinda good” at the top of the blog well represents the mood of her movie blog. It is thanks to her vision board that I was able […]