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  • Week 12. Community guidelines

    This space is filled with the challenge of international students. Correct the wrongs but refrain from reckless criticism. -Welcome to everyone’s comments. But sexy or unethical comments can be erased at any time.-Illegal ad comments can be deleted at any time.-Do not repost the contents of the blog without consent. by Lauren Seo, 2022.04.04

  • Week 11. Transmedia and myself

    Week 11. Transmedia and myself

    I ran a digital marketing position on Instagram three times. The first was an earring shop, the second was an Alzheimer’s charity event, and now a restaurant called Sushi Mura produces content. Therefore, Instagram is the most familiar tool for me. Therefore, I will focus on Instagram except for blogs. But aside from this, if […]

  • Week 10. Google Analytics and Adsense

    Week 10. Google Analytics and Adsense

    When I started my blog, the two things I expected the most were practicing Google Analytics and applying AdSense through my own blog. But my blog is already being rejected for a third time for Google AdSense, either because it went through trial and error from the beginning or because I was doing something wrong. […]

  • Week 9. Instagram Analytics

    Week 9. Instagram Analytics

    I have been uploading Instagram for a long time, and this is similar to my blog concept, so I will analyze my content through Instagram Insight. The largest percentage of my followers are located in Korea, Canada, and Mexico. Therefore, I can see that the Canadian audience has not yet been captured. Nevertheless, if you […]

  • Week 8. Discussion of copyright

    Copyright is to recognize the efforts and values of the creator of the creation and to protect the rights of the creator, that is, the author. Works include not only physical media, but also digitalized forms. In addition to written works, computer-generated architectural designs, music works such as MP3, video works such as DVD movies […]

  • Week 7. Website reorganization

    Week 7. Website reorganization

    I think most of the people who visit my blog are international students or aspiring international students. In my case, I had a very anxious and worried time, so I wanted to put calm background music, hoping that they would find useful information on my blog and comfort them. SCM Music Player – seamless music […]

  • Week 5. Editing for audience

    Week 5. Editing for audience

    Several design elements were changed according to the advice of the first peer review and Christina. Originally, my blog was full of black and white, but in order to increase visibility and make it feel like a banner, I set only 70% of the black to give an expanded banner feel and changed all of […]

  • Week 4. What audience is acceptable for my blog?

    Week 4. What audience is acceptable for my blog?

    I think most of my audiences are international students, preparing to study abroad, or wondering what the minor of publishing is. So far, I’ve uploaded a trial and error I’ve gone through while creating this blog about contacting Reclaim Hosting directly, free food delivery sites, and Vogue analysis which is my favorite magazine. I didn’t […]

  • Week 3. Map out my website

    Week 3. Map out my website
  • Week 1. Meet my stranger

    Week 1. Meet my stranger

    Hello Asante, my stranger! After being paired with Asante, we looked for each other on the Internet. I tried to find something in common to build friendship with strangers. We both took communication and publishing classes and conducted a brief self-introduction that we were about to graduate. When I searched on Google, our LinkedIn came […]