Week7. Peer Review 2

Week7. Peer Review 2


The theme of Taeri’s blog is a movie review by an amateur movie critic.  To try to get the right approach to the blog, I looked around ABOUT section, and there was a theme about the blog and a character believed to have been drawn by herself. I thought it was cute that the T-shirt said “I Love Movie” because it showed the blog characteristics and affection for the movie.

customization & layout

The blog is customized into a total of five menus. These are About, Reviews, Miscellaneous, Process, and Posiel. Among them, it was the Miscellaneous section that caught my attention, and this word felt somewhat unfamiliar to me. There are two posts in this place, one is a collection of movie posters, and the other is a collection of movie scenes. In particular, in the case of the post where the movie scenes were gathered, her consistent aesthetic taste and sense were seen, so I could see how she liked it.

typography & site structure

Blogs used two simple default fonts, not special fonts. Serif and San serif used both types of fonts and increased the readability of movie reviews thanks to simple fonts. The post title used San Serif and the body used Serif. She inserted an illustration of all the post thumbnails that she drew herself to the left of the post preview, which gives her blog a consistent atmosphere. It also gives hints about the characteristics of the movie she wants to show.

social media integration

Overall, while exploring this blog, which is so cute, I found that I couldn’t easily find traces of social media. So, I thought the social media she prepared was simply a personal Instagram, but when I went into the link and checked it myself, I was somewhat surprised. She posted what she posted on the blog for this class on Instagram as it was, and it was only this class. I think her efforts like this help make blog-unfamiliar users or accessible in a mobile environment. Therefore, I dare to ask her to emphasize the existence of an Instagram account since this is a great account.


The update of this blog has been steady, and this record has caused me to reflect on myself. Her activities are consistently linked to post through steady movie reviews and movie scene editing. Her record is just the right length, and the amount is not boring. One regret, however, was that there was no search history on this blog, so it was difficult to search for specific words unless you went into a specific post and used ctrl+F.


This blog gave me a lot of reflection and inspiration. Her affection for the movie and steady posting on this blog revealed her pride and effort in her interests. It’s not a fancy blog design, but her own thumbnails and sincere reviews were enough to draw attention even for their simplicity. I think it was also her affection for her interests that she was able to blog like this. I have a broader theme of my daily life. Looking at it, I don’t think I wrote it steadily or with affection like her. Therefore, it was an opportunity for me to pledge to post frequently, focusing on the things I am most interested in in my daily life for the rest of the semester.

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