Week 4. Peer Review 1

Week 4. Peer Review 1

My Peer Paige, her blog Popcorn with Paige (paigekamitak.com) is about movies, and her tagline “hot take: when you can’t stop talking about a movie, it’s gotta be kinda good” at the top of the blog well represents the mood of her movie blog. It is thanks to her vision board that I was able to catch her concept well, although I enjoy watching movies but don’t know much about the movie. She uploaded a simple vision board and accordingly I could see that the character in the movie related to the posting she wanted to post would be thumbnails. She also posted process posts steadily, made a post of the layout and design of the blog she set up in Week3, which also showed how systematically she was planning her blog.

My impression of her content is very excellent and reviews of each movie she thinks of appearing, so it’s not only interesting in the movie but also her values and it meets a Audrey Watters’ view, “Student have little agency when it comes to education technology-much like they have little agency in education itself”. Her blog design provides a large thumbnail and post preview with an emphasis on the title compared to the wallpaper that mainly consists of white and black. As a Gardner Campbell said, the new modes of communication change what can be imagined and expressed. This can relieve boredom because it is easy to catch the reader’s attention and helps you quickly choose which post to see. The hashtags and categories of her posts are also well classified and show a neat design by unifying the fonts.

Her blog is generally very organized and seems to have been systematically prepared. However, from the reviewer’s point of view, I will give her two pieces of advice to help her. First, I can’t feel the nature of the blog well in the logo made with the title of her page, POPCORN WITH PAIGE. If a camera or movie pictogram or popcorn is inserted in the logo, I expect this blog to be further symbolized. The current logo is really simple and cute but I can’t feel it as a movie blog. The second is the image quality of the photos used in the thumbnails of some posts. Most posts used good quality photos, but I think she has occasionally used cropped or screenshot the photos. Therefore, some posts looked broken in the thumbnail, which is compared to the high-definition thumbnails uploaded before and after.

Lastly, engaging with the audience, in the section “A lil bit about me”, she loved Stitch (same here!) and welcomed me with a lovely smiley face. Bloggers manage their degree of discursive anonymity through the use of identity management cues, or information identified on bloggers’ profiles that disclose a true offline identity (Viegas, 2005). After looking at her introduction page, I felt closer to Paige. I thought I could access the posts more comfortably because I was not a film student like her. It’s a blog that I liked because she didn’t just start with an assignment, I can feel the sense of real feeling of interest in the movie.

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