Week 11. Peer Review 3

Week 11. Peer Review 3

My peer I’m going to review today is Aliya Hussain, the publisher of “Archived By: Khrshd“. The blog topic is fashion and I was worried that it could be a rather difficult topic for me, who is not very interested in clothes other than my favorite outfit style which is just dress. Nevertheless, she organized it neatly through various photo examples, making it possible to see fashion illiterates like me at a glance.

Author’s point of view

She created a black and white blog like me and is supposed to be pursuing minimalism. The reason why I assumed is that her font and design are very simple, for example she used only one type of fonts and she used two colours on the blog. She used many images to fit the visual theme of fashion, which makes it easier for her to guide her fashion to readers. I uploaded all the pictures one by one with big size because there were a lot of informational articles. However, in her case, the big difference from me is that she posted nine photo forms, which are mood board-like Instagram styles with small size, so that people can see what kind of feeling she is pursuing briefly.

The reader’s point of view

If we look at her About column, you can guess that she will write a post about “silhouette and various color palettes.” However, there was no explanation for the blog name KHRSHD, so I felt it was lacking of information. (Maybe I was not able to find the information but there’s no mention about name on her About section which is it supposed to described it in.) For reader’s side, the blog is well organized in a neat image. However, if there is anything to be desired, some posts on her menus are not well linked. For example, if you look at peer reviews, nothing is posted on her post. But in fact, when I searched up the post with the key word “peer review”, she has already written two peer reviews. It means that she already uploaded the assignment but just forgot to connect with the correct menu. The blog is very user-intuitive and offers an easy-to-use design, but I dare advise her that she didn’t accidentally place some posts under the right menu and explain about the blog title’s meaning.

Anyone who are interested in fashion industry or influencer, I recommend you to take a look this blog! I had to find her shortcomings for the assignment, but in fact her blog is more than enough to inspire fashion.

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