Week 1. Meet my stranger

Week 1. Meet my stranger

Hello Asante, my stranger!

After being paired with Asante, we looked for each other on the Internet. I tried to find something in common to build friendship with strangers. We both took communication and publishing classes and conducted a brief self-introduction that we were about to graduate. When I searched on Google, our LinkedIn came out, and it seemed to be the case because we both had experience working, and it was the last grade to build up LinkedIn to get a job after graduation. We have so confirmed each other’s professional and academic information and we have become closer with the common point of taking two courses, pub101 and pub375 together.

I got close to the school side and asked Asante for Instagram to find personal interests, but she said she had currently deactivated it. So we exchanged cell phone numbers with Facebook and will continue our relationship through this. We helped each other outside of class, and she asked me for help with not being able to connect the classes of pub375 and in my case, the website was not created, but she was willing to help through Zoom.

We quickly became close in that we are in the last grade, that we both like people, and that we take two of the same courses in a semester. It’s not easy to get close to someone without facing them, but if you find something in common with strangers and narrow down the topic by talking about your interests, it won’t be difficult to talk to them.

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