Week 11. Transmedia and myself

Week 11. Transmedia and myself

I ran a digital marketing position on Instagram three times. The first was an earring shop, the second was an Alzheimer’s charity event, and now a restaurant called Sushi Mura produces content. Therefore, Instagram is the most familiar tool for me. Therefore, I will focus on Instagram except for blogs.

But aside from this, if you want to try something fresh, it’s probably a clubhouse. I want to host a podcast containing tips and joys and sorrows of international students someday. Currently, the clubhouse seems to be quiet after the bubble has fallen, so I think it is a good platform for beginners like me to try with small guests without any burden.

Actually, I am the club manager who made the clubhouse SFU club, but I have never made a room because there are many people. If I have a chance, I want to try it!

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