Week 2. Contact to Reclaim Hosting

Week 2. Contact to Reclaim Hosting

I was watched to various tools on YouTube, so I applied the theme. The easiest one to use was the elementor plug, and I thought about applying a fancy template that was already done, but I didn’t have a professional business or commercial posting like them, so I simply wanted to keep my diary in black and white design by myself. I symbolized that it was a space where I took and recorded my own hand, with the picture of me holding a camera as the main.

I am slower to build up the site than other friends because I did not purchase a separate ID protection during the domain purchase process, so my domain was not successfully authenticated. If I dare to make a suggestion, I would like professor to clarify in Lecture that the homepage will be created only when you purchase all the default values of the purchase options at the start of the new class next semester. I may have missed it, but three other students, including myself, had a hard time opening the website due to the same problem as me. TA and the other students couldn’t find a solution to this problem, so I asked the Reclaim hosting directly and paid extra fee very simply, and it’s working normally.

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