Week 7. Website reorganization

Week 7. Website reorganization

I think most of the people who visit my blog are international students or aspiring international students. In my case, I had a very anxious and worried time, so I wanted to put calm background music, hoping that they would find useful information on my blog and comfort them.

SCM Music Player – seamless music for your website (scmplayer.net)

I’m going to use the SCM Music Player. It is a free open-source web player that anyone can use for blogs. The advantage of this method is that it doesn’t stream music on my blog, but it takes JavaScript code from the SCM Music Player and music from YouTube, so it’s not burdensome for me at all.

Edit the playlist. You can paste the title of the song and the URL of YouTube.

Finally, whether to play automatically or shuffle, set the playback management settings such as volume.

The code is created. Paste it into the body of the html.

When you load the blog, the following players come out and play the music, and it will be a success!

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