Week 8. Discussion of copyright

Copyright is to recognize the efforts and values of the creator of the creation and to protect the rights of the creator, that is, the author. Works include not only physical media, but also digitalized forms. In addition to written works, computer-generated architectural designs, music works such as MP3, video works such as DVD movies and videos, computer program works such as software, and other digital art and photographic works are all protected by digital copyright.

For example, font files that are downloaded and used on the Internet to make presentation materials are also protected by copyright. Even if the font is being distributed free of charge, it is necessary to check the conditions (license) of the font carefully.

As a publisher, I use the basic font and basic design provided by WordPress to avoid this problem, and all the writings were written by me. Like magazine analysis, articles mixed with expert opinions have accurately marked the source in the reference, and if I have to use pictures inevitably, I will try to use things that have already been edited 2nd time or free from copyright through Google.

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